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We are Junior Infants in Our Lady of the Wayside N.S.

We love learning about living things all around the world and taking part in fun activities and investigations. 


In Spring time, we will be learning about plants, what they need to grow, parts of a plant and the life cycle of the plants. We will be learning about minibeasts in the garden and we will be going on spring walks. 


I have given the children work which would help them over the coming weeks. 

I will upload pictures, resources and videos links on this website over the coming week which could help to further engage children during this time. As I have said, this is not mandatory, but it would be very helpful to keep your child engaged.

Children could take part in creative play and investigations, outdoor play, structured and unstructured play and some at home literacy and numeracy activities. I will provide ideas and activities that could help over the course of the school closure. 

If you would like to submit any fun photographs of your play, activities or outdoor investigations, I will upload them onto the website for all of the children to see. Please email your photographs to k.donnelly@ourladyofthewaysidens.ie.

Student Council

Junk Art Competition

The Student Council are holding a Junk Art

Competition for all students. 

The theme is Radiant "Rubbish" Rainbows

They want you to create an art piece with any junk you can find lying around your house.

Closing Date for entries is Friday, 29th May

Email your photo entries to: studentcouncil@ourladyofthewaysidens.ie

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